A Recast is a copy made of a finished sculpture without consent or permission from either the sculptor, producer or license holder.

Most recasts are easily identified by the amount of flaws in the casting. Most recasts end up having:

  • Bubbles in the mold which result in holes in the sculpt.
  • Excess flash.
  • Parts that don't fit together quite right, since the pieces are recast individually.
  • Lower overall detail, due to making a copy of a copy of the original sculpt.
  • Missing pieces.
  • Scuff and scratch marks from problems in the mold.

While there are people both for and against recasting, the fact remains that the recaster has taken money out of the hands of those responsible for the original kit or sculpt.

Resin Wiki attempts to be completely non-biased, and that has to include this issue as well. We are well aware of the firestorm of arguments that spring up when the two sides clash. If you feel strongly one way or the other, please voice it in a review or column. Even better, take it to your favorite statue-based forum.

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