The Magus FS
The Magus Custom Statue
Company: Bowen Designs (Original)
Edition Size:
Sculptor: Kucharek Brothers (Original) and John Ficchi
Release Date:
Series Number:
Original MSRP:
Additional Notes:

Modified by John Ficchi.

From Ficchi's website:

THE MAGUS! Now this custom i had a blast with. Its a Classic Warlock from Bowen Designs, that has been converted into the MAGUS. I used alcad chrome paint for his armor and then painted the rest of the body. The skulls were kit skulls i purchased over at (lots of great stuff on that site, go check it out). Now this custom required tons of work on the neck/upper body. When i removed the classic warlocks cloak, there was no collar bone, neck muscles, adams apple etc... So lots or work done in that area, but i tried to give him a nice upper body which i love the way it turned out.

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