John Ficchi is a graphic artist from Springfield, New Jersey. He is known for his various statue customs involving heavy resculpting and complete repaints.

Some of his favorite subjects for customs include the various incarnations of Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell).

Professional Prototype Paint Ups:

  • Bowen Designs
  • FS - Captain Marvel Modern
  • FS - Ms Marvel Modern
  • FS - Ms Marvel Retro
  • MB - Mangog
  • MB - Manape
  • MB - Cloak & Dagger

Kit Builders Magazine issue 60 has recently featured a article of John Ficchi's work and a step-by-step on how to strip down pre-painted statues. Issue 61 follows up his article with a step-by-step on customizing a bust into a full size statue, using other media and broken statues.

He is known on Statue Forum as Vince-Vell.

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