Bowen Designs Thanos MB Edit

Thanos Statue

The 54th statue in Bowen's Marvel line, Thanos was sculpted by The Shiflett Brothers with Randy Bowen.

Sculpt Edit

This sculpt just oozes power. Very few Thanos sculpts, be they statue or action figure, have the same kind of presence as this piece. The head sculpt is an amalgamation of several versions of Thanos. It also tries to realistically depict the phenomenon of Thanos's eyes, which are almost always depicted as pinpoints of light in black sockets. This is a issue of contention among fans, but is ultimately a matter of taste. Thanos, who is traditionally stocky, is captured beautifully. Personally, I have no real issues with the sculpt. I think it looks great.

Design Edit

This is a fantastically big piece, like most of the Shiflett's work. Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet here, which goes hand in hand with his character. This character works perfect for a museum pose. Design-wise, this is the quintessential Thanos.

Paint Edit

Overall, the paint applications here are good. The only issue that some people have is the color of the gold on his costume. Some people feel that it should be more flat yellow, others think bronze is more appropriate. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of comics, and the interpretations of different artists, there is no correct answer. It's all about what you prefer. Personally, I find the factory color gold acceptable. For some people, the shade of gold may put them off. The bottom line is, BD had to pick one color and go with it. A paint variant for this piece would have been both unnecessary and too slight a difference. This is the one we got, and I can't give the statue too much for it.

Base Edit

The base is a simple design, but masterfully sculpted. Thanos stands amidst a pile of skulls. Each one is different and many of them have alien designs. Lots of tiny amazing details in this. The base is both appropriate and not overpowering.

Overall Edit

This is a fantastic statue. While some fans could find fault with either the face sculpt or gold paints, Bowen makes it clear that their pieces are rarely based on one artist's interpretation. This is not a Starlin or Lim Thanos. This is a Bowen Thanos. For that, it succeeds amazingly. This statue is impressive, dominating and iconic.

On a scale of 1-5:

  • 1 - Avoid!
  • 2 - Look but don't buy!
  • 3 - Buy, if you're a fan of the character.
  • 4 - Buy, it'll look good in any collection!
  • 5 - Phenomenal piece! A Must-Buy!

Bowen Designs' Thanos Statue is a:

5 - Phenomenal piece! A Must-Buy!

--Chromesamurai 04:38, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

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