Sasquatch MB
Sas side by side busts
Bowen Designs Sasquatch MB
Company: Bowen Designs
Edition Size: 2000
Sculptor: Rick Force
Release Date: January, 2006
Series Number: Phase 3 - Bust #126
Original MSRP: $60
Additional Notes:

Randomly inserted into this run was a variant cube-based sculpt. The cube base was the original base as it had been sneaked on the forums. It was met with general distaste and an alternate base was sculpted. A minority, however, preferred the cube base, so Bowen agreed to randomly insert 100 of the cube based version into the production run. Unlike most variants, the different base was not identified on the outside of the box with a sticker as usual, leaving the redesigned base to be a surprise to those opening one for the first time. Bowen Designs does not recognize this as two separate sculpts, as per their Marvel contract, but the price of the cube based version nonetheless soared on various online auction sites due to completists considering this a necessary buy. It also temporarily raised the price of a sealed, unopened version of this bust, because of the possibility of pulling a cube. This situation was referred to as the Gold Bucky Effect in reference to the previously released gold chrome Bucky mini bust.

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