Daredevil red
Daredevil Red
Bowen Designs Daredevil (Red)
Company: Bowen Designs
Edition Size: 4000
Sculptor: Randy Bowen
Release Date: December, 1998
Series Number: Phase 1 - Statue #1
Original MSRP: $150
Additional Notes:

This was the first statue released under Bowen Designs' agreement with Marvel Comics. It was also released with an original-costume yellow and brown version. This is one of the few statues to be shrunken down for the Mini-Statues contract.

In keeping with a theme, this statue shares the same base as the Daredevil Yellow FS and the Black Widow FS.

This statue was later re-released as a Faux-Bronze version, with a re-tweaked head sculpt.


Image courtesy of HoldyourfireAl